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A1Cs and what do they mean??? January 14, 2010

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disillusioned: to cause to lose naïve faith and trust.
disappointed: defeated in expectation or hope
dissatisfied: expressing or showing lack of satisfaction / not pleased or satisfied
A1C: A test used primarily to show the average plasma glucose concentration (blood sugar level) over prolonged periods of time.

The three top words that sum up our last appointment at the diabetes clinic and Ayden’s progress on the insulin pump. Although it has had some benefits, such as enabling us to feed our growing three-year old what he wants when he wants it. Ayden’s A1C has shot up to 9.3 from 8.7 in the last three months.

An A1C test is a measurement of blood sugar control over a two to three month period. An ideal number for Ayden at his age would be 8.5, and while he was on needles we managed to consistently reach this target, but now that he is on the pump we have shot up.

We were hoping the pump would give us better control of his levels and continue to keep his A1C at an ideal level. When we were taking our pump training we learned that lowering the A1c from 9% to 7% reduced complications by 34-76%! Studies have also shown that lower A1c values also reduced the risk for heart disease by whopping 50%! I’m hoping that at Ayden’s age this isn’t as much of a concern, but I’m always worried about the long-term effects his fluctuating numbers are having on his developing body.

I know there are many benefits to pump therapy including eliminating multiple daily injections and the ability to flex carbohydrates in order for Ayden to eat more or less depending on how he feels. I’m disappointed that this one long-term benefit has escaped us so far.

We are going to work closely with our clinic over the next few weeks to try to narrow the problem down, but it is going to take some time as Ayden has a lot of unexplainable fluctuations at the moment.

Overall, it comes down to what is best for Ayden, so I will do a little extra work tracking numbers, and we will go back to the basics of pump therapy to try to figure out where we went wrong in the last few months. In the midst of all this, I have to try to resolve some of my feelings about being the mom of a diabetic.

I recently read a diabetes mom describe her experience as a lonely and sometimes depressing one. It made me think about how I feel sometimes. I can get so caught up in how Ayden feels, what his numbers are and what his challenges are that I don’t think or talk about how it all affects me.

The word lonely really affected me. I am lucky to have a very strong support system, my husband, my parents and our daycare are so in tune to Ayden that they can spot a low from a mile away. They are also fantastic resources when we are having a problem. But can anyone other than another mom of a diabetic really understand the constant worry and underlying sense of panic that something awful is going to occur at any moment.

I guess if I had to really focus on how I feel; I wouldn’t describe it as lonely, but it can certainly be isolating. I started this blog to link other parents and tell Ayden’s story, but it has also been a vehicle through the isolating journey of raising a toddler with diabetes.



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