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How do you know when your toddler starts to understand their Type 1 Diabetes makes them different? November 25, 2009

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Thanks everyone for your comments and helpful suggestions to make inserts easier on Ayden.

Every week there are tons of things that happen that make me want to cry, but I try to focus on the more frequent occurences of laughing. Here are some thoughtful insights from my almost three-year-old I hope you might get a giggle out of too.

  • When my husband had a booster juice after swimming the other day, he told Ayden it was his activity snack. Ayden’s response was do you have diabetes?
  • Mommy: “Ayden do you want to have these crackers for snack”
    Ayden: “Let me see, how many carbs to they have?”
    Side note: Ayden can’t read yet – never mind calculate carbs.
  • Currently, Ayden thinks he has a sister in his tummy, and he has named her Diabetes.
  • Ayden: “Mommy I’m high. I need apple juice or chocolate.”
    Mommy: “No, you get that when your low hunny.”
    Ayden: “Mommy I’m low. I need apple juice or chocolate.”
  • Mommy: “Ayden what does having your pump mean?”
    Ayden: “No more needles, and big ice creams.”

But at the heart of him, he is just a normal boy. So my favorite Aydenism is:
Mommy: “Ayden your sniffling quite a bit do you need a kleenex?”
Ayden: “No mommy, I can’t reach it with my finger.”

Gotta love having a boy 🙂



1. Meliza - November 25, 2009

You guys are doing great. Like you said, there’s always ups and downs but you have each other, your friends and of course, your family’s support. It’ll be okay guys…just keep saying that outloud.

Take care and take it a day at time so it’s not so overwhelming.

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