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Isn’t this supposed to get easier? November 17, 2009

Posted by aydensmom in Uncategorized.

I have to say I was overwhelmed with emotion for one of the first times since Ayden was diagnosed. And I’m still pretty upset with myself. Since Ayden was diagnosed my daily goal is not to feel sorry for myself or him and to never show him my fear or guilt.

In August 2009 Ayden went on an insulin pump. In some ways it has really been a blessing, as he can eat more like a normal kid – he really likes ice cream and donuts – and we have better control over his levels. Being on a pump also has the advantage of only needing to get a needle once every three days when we change the infusion set. This process is proving to be more difficult than anything else I’ve ever had to do. When we first started pump therapy site changes took about 10 minutes, as seen in these videos

However, this has been getting longer each time and on Saturday we reached an all time high of 35 minutes. The process included holding Ayden down, trying to bribe him and trying to reason with him. The end result was both him and I in tears, but the insert was completed.

How do you convince a two-and-a-half-year-old to submit his body for torture. Multiple daily injections were easier as he couldn’t eat until he had a needle so he at least conceded with little to no fight 90 per cent of the time.

I’m hoping that this is just a phase, but each time we have to go through this it gets harder.

If anyone has any ideas, please send them along. I’ll try anything at this point!



1. Sharon Hogan - November 17, 2009

Lisa, I feel for you and Phil. Having to stick your child with a needle has to be hard. Have you thought about Emla patches. These are patches that are placed on the skin about 30 min. before you need to insert the cath. The skin becomes numb and he won’t feel the needle insertion. We use it on peds before they get IV’s started or needles. I’m not sure if you can get them over the counter or have a prescription from your doctor. I really think this might help.
Good luck.

aydensmom - November 19, 2009

Thanks so much Sharon!!! I will look into that. I’ve seen it used on Ayden, so I know wxactly what you’re talking about.

2. Lindsay Allan - November 19, 2009

Hi again,

We did pump education with you…our son is Zach…he is five now…diagnosed at 2 years of age. I can totally relate with you as Zach found the infusion sets recommended by the PDEC brutal. Like you, holding him down and bribing him was the only way and 1/2 and hour was common when it was site change time. Our sales rep for Animas recommended the contact detach infusion sets(they are cheaper!) and are absolutley wonderful!!! I can’t tell you the difference it has made for Zach and our sanity! It is a very short metal cannula that goes in at a 90 degree angle much like pushing a thumb tack into a cork board! Zach hardly flinches and it has been so much easier – like you I thought we made a terrible decision pumping but this infusion set has eliminated the stress surrounding inserting the infusion set needle and unexplained highs unsually due to a kinked cannula while trying to insert into a squirming child.

I might be mistaken regarding this but I think the contact detach works with the medtronic pump as well. Animas sent us a trial box of ten enclosed and we have not looked back. You also don’t have to fill the cannula (which I forgot a few times on the old infusion sets) ) You just prime the whole thing through and push like a thumb tack into the skin.

Hope this helps…


3. Lindsay Allan - November 19, 2009

Hi Lisa,

I just now read your reply to my email last month…sorry to be redundent. 🙂 I would assume the T set is the same as the contact detach?


aydensmom - November 20, 2009

Thanks Lindsay! Yeah the contact detach sounds a lot like the sure t set. We had some trouble trying to order the set in, so we just started using it last night, and there was a world of difference. He still fought us on the insert, but once it was in, he didn’t even blink. With the Silhouette there was usually a 5 – 10 minute crying spree after the insert. I sure hope we see some further improvement in his numbers from it. I know I’m already happier with this one.

4. Kim Carson - November 23, 2009

Hi there,

Our son Dillon was diagnosed when he was three. He is now 6 & went on the Animas pump August 2008. It has been a great thing. We too went through what you are describing, but then a friend told us to use the Elma numbing cream. We put it on an hour before the site change, and apparently Dillon doesn’t feel the insertion going in (he did fight us the first couple of times, because he was sure it was going to hurt). The only concern we had, was that you have to make sure that you wipe all the cream off before putting the inset in else the site seems to get infected. I don’t know if you are already using the cream, but if not, give it a try, it worked wonders for us! Good luck!

aydensmom - November 24, 2009

Thanks so much Kim!! Were you able to get the cream from the pharmacy?

5. Kim Carson - November 26, 2009

Hi Lisa,

Yes, we get ours at Costco (it’s cheaper than at Walmart), along with a box of Hand IV3000 (this is a square clear soft plastic type of material that you put over the cream so it doesn’t get rubbed off). We put the cream and cover on the new site area for an hour (you don’t need much cream, maybe about the size of the tip of your pinky finger). Than we use the alcohol wipes to wipe the cream off & then we go ahead with putting in the new inset. It really made a world of difference for Dillon. Good luck!

aydensmom - November 26, 2009

Thanks Kim!

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