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How do you know when your toddler starts to understand their Type 1 Diabetes makes them different? November 25, 2009

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Thanks everyone for your comments and helpful suggestions to make inserts easier on Ayden.

Every week there are tons of things that happen that make me want to cry, but I try to focus on the more frequent occurences of laughing. Here are some thoughtful insights from my almost three-year-old I hope you might get a giggle out of too.

  • When my husband had a booster juice after swimming the other day, he told Ayden it was his activity snack. Ayden’s response was do you have diabetes?
  • Mommy: “Ayden do you want to have these crackers for snack”
    Ayden: “Let me see, how many carbs to they have?”
    Side note: Ayden can’t read yet – never mind calculate carbs.
  • Currently, Ayden thinks he has a sister in his tummy, and he has named her Diabetes.
  • Ayden: “Mommy I’m high. I need apple juice or chocolate.”
    Mommy: “No, you get that when your low hunny.”
    Ayden: “Mommy I’m low. I need apple juice or chocolate.”
  • Mommy: “Ayden what does having your pump mean?”
    Ayden: “No more needles, and big ice creams.”

But at the heart of him, he is just a normal boy. So my favorite Aydenism is:
Mommy: “Ayden your sniffling quite a bit do you need a kleenex?”
Ayden: “No mommy, I can’t reach it with my finger.”

Gotta love having a boy 🙂


Isn’t this supposed to get easier? November 17, 2009

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I have to say I was overwhelmed with emotion for one of the first times since Ayden was diagnosed. And I’m still pretty upset with myself. Since Ayden was diagnosed my daily goal is not to feel sorry for myself or him and to never show him my fear or guilt.

In August 2009 Ayden went on an insulin pump. In some ways it has really been a blessing, as he can eat more like a normal kid – he really likes ice cream and donuts – and we have better control over his levels. Being on a pump also has the advantage of only needing to get a needle once every three days when we change the infusion set. This process is proving to be more difficult than anything else I’ve ever had to do. When we first started pump therapy site changes took about 10 minutes, as seen in these videos

However, this has been getting longer each time and on Saturday we reached an all time high of 35 minutes. The process included holding Ayden down, trying to bribe him and trying to reason with him. The end result was both him and I in tears, but the insert was completed.

How do you convince a two-and-a-half-year-old to submit his body for torture. Multiple daily injections were easier as he couldn’t eat until he had a needle so he at least conceded with little to no fight 90 per cent of the time.

I’m hoping that this is just a phase, but each time we have to go through this it gets harder.

If anyone has any ideas, please send them along. I’ll try anything at this point!

World Diabetes Day November 10, 2009

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Did you know, November 14th marks World Diabetes Day. Please celebrate by learning something new about diabetes or what it means to be diabetic. Some resources you can check out:

Making sence of diabetes video
Children with diabetes

2009 was the first year the Ayden got to truly celebrate Halloween. Here are some pictures of his costume and first experiences picking chocolate he got to eat.