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The holiday season starts October 13, 2009

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I hope you all like the new look to the blog. Ayden is obsessed with the moon these days, so I thought it was an appropriate theme.

Last year was our first venture into the holiday season with a diabetic, and now its starting again. I hope the pump will make things easier this year – especially when managing his intake of all the pies and snacks that are available.

This weekend was Thanksgiving and the pump did make things easier, but not because Ayden had access to a lot more food. Rather he recently stopped eating as much as he normally does. At lunch and supper he has been eating about 15 to 20 carbs, his regular amount is between 30 and 40. In addition, we were chasing lows all weekend. It wasn’t due to extra activity and it wasn’t due to a stomach bug. We are still working on the levels, but at this point I’m wondering if I’m doing too many changes at once and this is going to cause him to spike.

Tomorrow he’s going to go back to daycare, and we’ll see if he makes it through the day with a reduced bolus ratio and a reduced basal.

Today I learned something new. Advice for parents – do not give your child a kleenex in the car and assume he’s blowing his nose. In Ayden’s case he’s having a pretend nose bleed and he’s shoving a wad of kleenex up his nose. Thank goodness for tweezers and a tired two-year old that was willing to sit and let me pull it out. Yuck – I’m sure I’ll laugh tomorrow, but tonight I’m just glad he’s in bed.



1. Lindsay Allan - October 16, 2009

Hi Ayden’s Mom,

We took pump education classes with you in August. Our son is Zach who is now 5. He was diagnosed when he was two so we can relate in many many ways the ups and downs of looking after a toddler with diabetes. We were also living in Ontario at the time he was diagnosed so it has been interesting seeing how two different provinces handle the education of diabetes etc…

We too are enjoying the pump. Infusion sets have been brutal…but we have finally found one that works for us!

I really enjoyed reading your blog. I follow a few blogs in the US but it is nice to read one closer to home.

Anyways just wanted to say hi and was glad to read your blog that I got off the JDRF newsletter this week.

Take Care,
Lindsay, Zach’s Mom

2. aydensmom - October 20, 2009

Thanks so much Lindsay! I’m gald to hear you enjoyed reading it. I found the same thing, there’s lots of blogs and information, but most of it is from the states, and I just thought it would be nicer to connect to moms and parents closer to home.

I’m glad Zach is enjoying the pump. We had our follow-up appointment today and Marcy suggested trying the T-set infusion on Ayden. I think he’s going to take it a lot better. Overall it seems a lot less intrusive.

Thanks again for your support.

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