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It’s been too long September 16, 2009

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I know, it has been too long since my last post. But I’ve been so overwhelmed with the support messages I received that I wasn’t sure what to write about next. Thank you to everyone who sent their thoughts and support to me. It is so nice to know you all are enjoying this blog!

Yesterday, we celebrated our four week anniversary on the insulin pump. Ayden got to have a special treat – the ice cream truck came around, so he went for a run with his dad to catch it, and he had his first rocket popsicle.


They're called rocket popcicles where I come from

I think he ended up with most of it on his face and shirt, but he seemed to enjoy it.

For about a week now, we have been using the pump to its fullest. This has meant that Ayden can eat as much as he likes, and has also been able to have dessert with us after dinner.

The changes we have seen have been very positive. we haven’t seen a number over 14 mmol/l in two weeks, which is a first since he was diagnosed.

He has also been able to eat as much as he likes at supper. The first time we let him eat until he was full he was quite confused and kept looking to me to stop him from having another french fry. When he was full he didn’t say so, he just got down from the table and started playing, but kept watching me and waiting for the inevitable, “you have to come back and finish what’s on your plate”. I didn’t have to say this though, because we only bolused him for the minimal amount of carbs he was going to eat and then we gave him an extra bolus after he finished to account for the exact amount he ate. His levels stayed in range the whole time.

We have only had one really scary moment. Ayden’s levels dropped at night from some unexpected activity. He was only down to 3.8 (anything under four is treated as a low), but he was not thinking quite right. He wouldn’t let me touch him, and I had to force a finger poke on him to find out what was going on. He also didn’t want anything to do with the apple juice he needed to drink to bring his levels up. He was only asking for medicine and thankfully his dad thought to put the juice in a medicine dropper to get him to drink it. Once he had a few sips he started to come around, but it was the first time I seriously thought I might have to use glucagon on him.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the pump. Little pleasures like being able to tell Ayden he can have ice cream and dessert and let him go and play when he says he’s full are realities for me. Thank heavens!!!!



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