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Fear, frustrations, and anger…oh my September 9, 2009

Posted by aydensmom in Uncategorized.

As much as I hate to admit it, these three little words do get to me and can consume my day if I let them.

The fear has been particularly bad these days because of the pump. Everyday someone drops me a note or sends me a tweet regarding the possibility of death for anyone on the pump. The latest and most worrisome has been a blog about a 29-year-old man who died because his minimed pump (the same one Ayden is on) went into prime mode during the night while he was wearing it. This caused it to empty his reservoir of insulin into him, causing an overdose. Considering Ayden’s pump carries 100 units and he gets 7 units in a 24 hour period, the concept of this happening is always in the back of my mind now.

I recently got a message form a lady who has raised a toddler with diabetes and this will be one of the things I will discuss with her. I met her through the Edmonton JDRF mentorship program. I think this will be a really helpful resource for me to deal with some of the challenges that are a bit overwhelming these days. At this point though I’m just trying to remember how much he likes it. 

What it’s like to do an insert: First you have to convince him – and then after about five minutes he’ll let us insert it –



1. aydensmom - September 9, 2009

Sorry the first video is sideways. I always forget that the camera doesn’t record that way.

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