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10 days on the insulin pump and counting September 4, 2009

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Well it’s true what you’re told. It’s like bringing a newborn into your house that you have to feed and monitor on a regular basis. The difference though is this newborn lives and sleeps with my toddler – Ayden.

We’ve had two pretty rough nights. This means that we’re sleeping decently 80% of the time – success is relative in the pumping world.

The first time I had to stay up all night was because of problems with the reservoir and tubing. I think there was air in it and his levels just weren’t correcting , so I replaced the reservoir and tubing at 3:00 a.m. and finally got to sleep around 4:30 a.m. 

Last night was a bit rougher, because it was his insert that was giving us problems. this meant we had to wake him up and convince him to let us do a new insert at 1:30 a.m. We managed to convince him, but then he started having another fit after it was in. Why – well apparently he likes to pull the backing off the insert tape and stick it himself – and I thought he was crying because it hurt. Silly me! Ohhh well, next time I’ll remember. 🙂

Our training is fairly complete now, after three days of three hour sessions we are now supposed to know enough to manage this thing in coordination with our pumping team. My problem though, is there’s a lot of math that needs to be memorized and understood and I’m not good with numbers. So my weekend will be filled with trying to learn and memorize calculations for insulin to carb ratios, activity excarbs, insulin on board, and correction boluses. Sounds like fun doesn’t it. It’s at least a long weekend, so I should have some extra time to figure it all out – and I will…

I have to say though, after our first 10 days I have been very impressed with his numbers. They have been much more consistent that anything we’ve seen before. And I’m really enjoying being able to manage a high with the tough of a button, and not always feeling like I’m playing catch up with needles and long acting insulin.

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