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Worst experiances September 1, 2009

Posted by aydensmom in diabetes, insulin pump, Minimed.

I’m interested to know what your worst experience has been since being diagnosed – something outside the normal high and low experiences.

Mine has been dealing with my backup pharmacy. We only have this one in place in case our normal pharmacy is out of supplies or we need something later in the evening. But, after yesterday, I’m re-evaluating this need and looking for other options.

I have to say that we have been going to the pharmacy for a year, and each time I go in it’s a fight about something. In fact, the first time I went in, the technician was so clueless about my needs or the needs of a type 1 diabetic that he forced me into getting supplies I didn’t need and then made me feel stupid for not knowing what I needed (Ayden was diagnosed two-days prior to that incident). It was a harsh lesson, but one that taught me about having to be the expert and not relaying on the expertise of someone else.

Then yesterday it was again emphasised to me how inept this pharmacy is.

We live in a small town so it is even more surprising to me that we get great service and awareness about his new insulin pump – a technology that is fairly new – than we did when we went into the Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Yesterday, I went in for some supplies and to get his insertions and reservoirs on order. I was there for 45 minutes and for each item I was discussing I had to argue and justify my need for it. First they tried to tell me they couldn’t order his pump supplies, which I was previously told they could. Second, they tried to sell me tegaderm that wouldn’t even fit on Ayden’s leg it was so big (after I gave a prescription for the size I needed). Third, they argued with me regarding my need for a vial of insulin and told me we would be wasting too much and that we should continue using pen-fills. If you have ever tried to draw up a reservoir with a pen-fill, you’ll know why I was needing a vial – pen-fills are pressurized and getting the air out of the reservoir and filling it from a pen-fill is very hard. Doing it this way cost me a night of sleep our first week on the pump, as his levels would not come down. Most likely because there was still air in the reservoir and tubing. Fourth and last, we have switched to a Contour meter which live-links to our Medtronic pump and they told me I couldn’t get strips with out a prescription for them. It took me about 20 minutes to convince them that I had a prescription with them, hence the ability to get insulin, and that I still needed the Precision Xtra ketone strips. The technician even tried to tell me I had a prescription for Precision Xtra ketone strips but not glucose strips.

Does anyone know if there is a place you can formally complain about a pharmacy such as a professional organization? I just hate the thought that any parent with a newly diagnosed child would have to go through what I went and have gone through with this pharmacy.

On the flip side though, I have to commend the fantastic people we deal with at our local pharmacy and I want to recognize the special effort that they go to each time we go in.



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