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Is it the diabetes or just the terrible-twos? August 2, 2009

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Ayden is one day away from officially being two-and-a-half, and the terrible twos have officially kicked in too. The part I find hard is never knowing if he’s having a tantrum because he’s two-an-a-half or because he isn’t feeling well. I have figured out I have been using the perfect recipe to raise a stubborn, tempermental child – a mixture of fear, guilt and a bit of shame.

The other night, he had five temper-tantrums in three hours, which is exhausting and then add in levels that are in the 20s – again – and I start to give into him.  Our pediatrician called me on it the other day and told me I need to start taking charge.

So I’m trying to focus more on the behavior and not only his levels. The last couple of days have been a lot better, he seems to understand that I’m serious when I threaten him with a timeout. I’m also trying to use more positive reinforcement – stickers, sugar-free candies, and special activities. 

Anyway the struggle goes on, but like everything else we deal with we’ll just keep pushing forward until it gets a bit better.



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